Zoe Rinker’s cautionary tale starts with a seed in a pine cone. The seed becomes Penny, a pine tree who faces challenges like many other trees in our area. Just like people, trees need to be in community with other trees in order to be healthy and to thrive. Zoe believes that we can do better because what’s good for trees is, ultimately, good for all of us.

Zoe Rinker is the Executive Director of the Savannah Tree Foundation. A graduate of Yale University, she is passionate about improving communities. Through jobs at Neighborworks America, Baltimore City and an urban planning start-up, she has tackled complex issues such as access to green space, affordable housing and smart growth. Since joining the Savannah Tree Foundation in 2019, Zoe has increased tree planting efforts, diversified programming and expanded community outreach. Zoe is a member of the Rotary Club of Savannah and the Chatham Commerce Club. The Georgia Tree Council named her a Rising STAR in 2020, and she was included in Savannah Magazine’s 2021 New Guard.