What we have learned is that often when you do things the same way, you tend to get the same results, which has left us constantly asking, how can we challenge something in a new, different way?

Courtnay Papy is an activist, writer and native Savannahian who has returned home and happily so. As lead organizer of Emergent Savannah, she develops the scope and vision of the organization and takes care of the nitty-gritty operational management. She was recently awarded the 2016-17 Greensboro Justice Fellowship from the Highlander Center and is a Step-Up Savannah Neighborhood Leadership Academy graduate. She served as the creative director of the Flannery O’Connor Book Trail and currently serves on the Department of Cultural Affairs Commission Board, works as an educator across Savannah, predominantly in Title 1 schools and after-school programs, is a PEN America Prison Writing Fellow and works as assistant director of Communications at The Savannah Country Day School.