Nothing in Elizabeth Adams’ tech background prepared her for the oversexualized images that were the result of a simple request using artificial intelligence (AI). With empathy and advocacy as cornerstones of her existence, she is on a quest to make sure that communities of color and other vulnerable populations are represented and represented appropriately by AI.

Elizabeth M. Adams is a respected AI influencer who has been recognized by Forbes as one of “15 AI Ethics Leaders Showing The World The Way Of The Future.” She has studied the science of business and the influences of technology on society for more than two decades while leading large-scale technology initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. As a scholar-practitioner, she developed her expertise working with tech and non-tech leaders, creating alliances that translate theory into results. Her commitment to inclusivity and ethical tech is reflected in her work driving broader employee stakeholder engagement. Currently pursuing a doctorate in Leadership of Responsible AI, her research focuses on how leaders can engage employees, particularly those exposed to AI harm. Her goal is to encourage individuals who have traditionally been excluded from the AI landscape to become active participants in building the future of AI.