Amy Condon tells the compelling yet little known story of Bill Baggs, an orphan without a college education, who went on to become one of the most admired newspaper editors in the United States and a champion for civil rights and peace.

Amy Paige Condon and her husband left Miami, Florida, in 2009 and moved to Savannah, where Amy earned an MFA in writing from SCAD. She co-authored the bestselling Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook, and The Wiley’s Championship BBQ Cookbook, co-written with Wiley and Janet McCrary, was named the best cookbook of 2014 by the National Barbecue News. She joined Savannah magazine in 2012 and was named editor in 2016. In 2017, she founded The Refinery Writing Studio. Amy lives in Savannah with her husband, three dogs and a pig named Gus.

Historical images used with permission by History Miami Museum/Miami News Collection and University of Miami Otto J. Richter Library/Special Collections/William Calhoun Baggs Papers

Image of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Lighthouse/Courtesy of Creative Commons