What if we as a species could emulate the honorable honeybee? Bees show us a long term solution to the survival of humankind that begins by living a life of symbiosis every chance we get.

Ted has been chasing his dream for 15 years. He believes in the idea of a honey company, Savannah Bee Company—a creation born of passion being pursued with dogged determination. Ted was first introduced to honeybees at 13 when a Gentleman Beekeeper put hives on his family’s land. This deep appreciation for bees continued in the Peace Corps where he taught beekeeping in Jamaica. Ted’s journey teaches him the bees are unusual in their wisdom— they show humanity that any act of symbiosis, where all parties benefit, is the most successful path long term. By operating his company like a beehive success is achieved together where individually it cannot be attained. His journey embodies a bee-centric reality of fighting for one’s dreams without harming others. The company’s passion for what they do and what they lovingly create will hopefully inspire others to Bee Above Their Usual. To that end, we all work to perpetuate a kind of goodness that not only supports honeybees, it emulates them too