Candicee Childs, M.D., understands the power of storytelling and the effect it can have on us. She believes that when we share stories, empathy is what helps us build strong connections with one another. She shares her story of her family’s experience with the healthcare system and her passion for improving interactions between care providers and those they are caring for by embracing empathy.

Candicee Childs, M.D. is an author, blogger and recent graduate of the Medical College of Georgia. Originally from Savannah, Georgia, she is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Candicee also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Spanish from Valdosta State University, a Master of Health Administration from Georgia Southern University and two certifications in nutrition and personal training. She enjoys working with youth, mentoring, fitness, reading, attending church, roller skating and spending time with family and friends. In the future, she hopes to inspire and educate others by writing several books and becoming a podcaster.